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Summary of Malini – Magic of words

Summary of Malini – Magic of words

Summary and important Exam Questions Malini- Magic of words


Summary of Malini - Magic of words
Summary of Malini – Magic of words

Rabindranath Tagore is a Bengali Indian Poet, Writer and Philosopher. He was born in 1861 and died in calcutta. He is famous for his poetic work, philosophical plays, novels and short stories. The Poetic play malini, is a story of love and hatred. It also deals with the topics such as religion, faith  friendship devotion, sacrifice,forgivness,loyalty,betryal,etc.

Malini has Different thinking than other who is isolated from Royal pleasure happiness and wants to share the pity, sorrows, pain sufferings of ordinary people as she own. This idea principally promotes Buddhism Hindu Extremists such as Brahmins, Kemankar, Supriya are irritated from Malini. The Brahimns Strongly suggest the king to banish Malini From the Royal Palaces so that the stain  in Hindu Religion can be erased, she is labeled and compared as the poisonous snake in the palace. The king and the Queen worry much as they find that their daughter wants to walk in the perilous path in her life. Despite the Great request and pleas; Malini decides to banish from the palace. The Brahmins are always pressure king to Banish Malini to save the Religion and Hindu ideology, so they protest against the King in the street. Eventually Malini leaves the palace. The Circumstances is reversed When malini has returned from the banishment.

King and Queen are happy from the arrival of  Malini who are much anxious  before and they follow the footsteps of malini Who has bring and outer world into the palace. The Brahmins Who has raised their hands against Malini are now enchanted and attracted by her mercy, pity and tenderness. They have thought That malini has understood the essence of Hindu doctrine and  gained the divine spirit. They blindly suppose her as the form of Godess who has descended from the heaven. According to Brahmins, the divine spirit is existed in the heart of Malini. People are  gathering infront of palace to take the blessings of Malini who understand the real virtue, pity and love of human being. Love ,virtue, mercy pity are the pure source of divine spirit and knowledge and it makes one enlightened.

Supriya and Kemankar  try to revolt against the King, So they secretly plan to make the plot against the king, They blame that the king rejects the Hindu doctrine and turns to Buddhism. On the course time, all are become  the follower of Malini, but Supriya and Kemankar  has stayed aloof. Kemankar has fled to another country so that he can assemble armies to fight against the king to protect the religion as the king has deactivated from his original religion. Kemankar and Supriya are the true friends from their childhood. Supriya has remained in the country and informed Kemankar  about happening  in the Kingdom  and acted the role of spy. Kemankar tries to control the kingdom by doing armful revolution. the Fame and Charm of Malini has been spreading  rapidly. Supriya was influenced and enchanted by the divine spirit of Malini. Supriya urges to the King to forgive Kemankar who has been arrested by the king’s army in the frontier of the Kingdom. Finally Kemankar has been presented infront of the king. the King has asked him for his last wish before he faces te death penalty.


In the last scene of the play, Kemankar and Supriya are talking and condemning each other. Kemankar does not tolerate  betray of Supriay, so he gives the big strike  to Supriya who falls Down on the Ground and dies immediately. The King is enlarged by this and stands out to look for his Sword to attack Kemankar but Malini urges her father to Forgive Kemankar Which is ideology of Buddhism.

Video of play of malini


Questions and answers.

  1. How is the Character of supriya different from that of Kemankar ? Discuss
  2. Sketch the Character of kemankar ?
  3. Would you call Supriya a betrayer ? Give Reasons for your answer.
  4. Give a character sketch of malini ?
  5. What us the reason that she  asks for her own banishment from the palace?
  6. How is the character of Supriya different from that of Kemankar ?
  7. Why were brahmins demanding for the banishment of Malini ?
  8. Why does Kemankar leave Kingdom ?
  9. The play “malini” ends with a suspense of Whether or not the king forgives Kemankar.?


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