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The Six Million Dollar Man – Summary The Magic of Words

The Six Million Dollar Man – Summary The Magic of Words

Summary of a six million dollar man | Magic of words |

six million dololar man
six million dollar man

The essay “The Six million dollar man ‘ is written by scientist, teacher and author Harold , Morowits. though his essay, he humorously presents the idea that the human body is priceless. Human  body has two entities: mind and heart, whose value is beyond the access of numerical calculation. His in birthday, the writer gets a greeting card in which his daughter and son-in-law have drafted the price of human body only 97. It makes him too unhappy which forces him to visit the biological company to get a catalogue. In it , he sees different names of organelles, and their price. Then, he calculated his dry weight. When he calculated per gram rice with the total weight (24,436gm) , He found 6 million dollars as his body reaches to 6 trillion dollars. The more he counts the price of his body, the more results he finds. If we have an object whose value increases in every counting, we can call it as a priceless object. The same things happens in the case of human bod. Human body also has two creative  faculties mind and heart. There is no equipment which can calculate the price of human creativity. It calculated in terms of money. Like that the value of feelings and emotions is shared by human beings investigate and explore new things which can never be  calculated in terms of money. Like that the value of feelings and emotions which is shared by human heart can also never be counted in terms of money. Nobody can calculate the price of human and agony.

Thus, the human body can never be calculated terms of money due to the inclusion of mind and heart in human body, which is also taken as the procedure of different arts.

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Important Questions For Exam

1.Why did the writer say he was six million dollar man?

ans. In reality nobody and no insufficient can calculate the value of human beings in terms of money. But in the Essay the essayist humorously presents that the worth of his body is six million dollar.

Once, The writer received a birthday card sent by his daughter and son-in-law. In that card, it was mentioned that the price of the human is only 97 cents. Later 40 gets price list of all the parts of the body from biochemical company. He concludes that the value of dry human body is $245.54 per gram. The weight of the writer dry body is 244136 grams. He multiplies it and finds the total value of his body $6000,015.44 so he called himself a six million dollar man.

2.Is every human being a six million dollar man ? Explain your answer.

ans. The more time the writer counts the price of human body the more he gets. On the other hand the human body has humans soul which has human feelings,emotions,sorrows etc. Nobody can count the price if all these objects interns of money. The price of human body is priceless.

3.How does the Writer come in conclusion that each human being is priceless?

ans. same as question number 2 .

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