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Saturated and unsaturated solutions

Definition of Saturated and unsaturated solutions When a Crystal of a solute  such as copper sulphate are mixed with water in a beaker. Each copper sulphate crystal is sourrounded by a number of water molecules and dispersed throughout the solution. also read : Behaviour of saturated solutions This process is known as dissolution. If little more … Read moreSaturated and unsaturated solutions

viscosity definition chemistry

what is viscosity

What is Viscosity? viscosity meaning   viscosity Every liquid has a tendency to flow. The rate of flowing of all liquid is not equal. Due to viscosity some liquid like glycerin, castor oil, coal tar etc. flow slowly. While some other liquids like water, ether, alcohol, milk etc. flow rapidly. However, the forces of friction between the layers … Read moreviscosity definition chemistry

Surface tension definition – Chemistry states of matter

surface tension

What is surface tension? Surface tension is defined as the force in dynes acting perpendicularly to the tangential hypothetical lines to the surface of the liquid through 1 cm in length. Surface tension is a characteristic property of liquids which depends upon the strength of intermolecular forces. It is denoted by ϒ, gamma or ó sigma. A molecule … Read moreSurface tension definition – Chemistry states of matter

Manufacture of Ammonia by Haber’s Process | Chemistry XI

Manufacture of Ammonia by Haber’s Process Principle : Hydrogen doesn’t react with Nitrogen at ordinary temperature . But when the mixture of pure Nitrogen and Hydrogen in ratio 1:3 by volume is heat at 450°C under a pressure 200-900 atm in presence of Fe and Mo as catalyst Ammonia gas is obtaine . N2 + … Read moreManufacture of Ammonia by Haber’s Process | Chemistry XI

Separate sand and common salt by Filtration | Chemistry Practical XI

Separate Sand and Salt by Filtration NAME OF EXPERIMENT : TO SEPARATE THE SAND AND COMMON SALT FROM MIXTURE OF THEM BY FILTRATION . APPARATUS REQUIRED : Porcelain basin , funnel , filter paper , wire gauze , burner , test tubes etc. CHEMICALS REQUIRED : Sand , Common Salt (NaCl) , Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) etc. THEORY :  The … Read moreSeparate sand and common salt by Filtration | Chemistry Practical XI

Laboratory Preparation Of Diethylether(ethoxyethane)

Molecular Formula:-C4H10O Common Name:-Diethylether IUPAC Name:-Ethoxyethane Principle:- In the laboratory ethoxyethane is prepared by dehydrating ethanol with c.H2SO4 in the ratio of 2:1 at 140C temperature. The reaction completes in two steps: 1)Formation of ethylhydrogen sulphate at 100C CH3CH2OH + conc.H2SO4 —-> CH3CH2HSO4 + H2O 2)Formation of diethylether at 140C CH3CH2HSO4 + CH3CH2OH —-> CH3CH2-O-CH2CH3 … Read moreLaboratory Preparation Of Diethylether(ethoxyethane)

Chemical Properties Of Chloroform

The common reactions(chemical properties) shown by chloroform are listed below. –)Air Oxidation:- When Chloroform is left on open air in presence of sunlight,it gets decomposed to Carbonyl Chloride. 2CHCL3 + O2 –Sunlight–> COCL2 + HCl -The so formed Carbonyl Chloride is highly poisonous gas which is also used as a chemical weapon.To prevent quality loss … Read moreChemical Properties Of Chloroform

Define Protein . What is meant by Denaturation of protein ?

protein denatured by heat

The Complex nitrogenous organic compounds  which are essentials  for growth and maintenance of life are called proteins. They are macromolecules in which large number of  amino acid molecules are linked together by peptide bond (-CONH). proteins are polymer if amino acids. At normal PH and temperature, each protein takes a shape that is energetically most … Read moreDefine Protein . What is meant by Denaturation of protein ?

Laboratory Preparation Of Chloroform Chemistry

prepration of chlorofom

Laboratory Preparation Of Chloroform Chemistry Molecular Formula:- CHCL3 IUPAC Name:- Trichloromethane Common Name:-Chloroform Principle:- Chloroform in laboratory is preapared by heating the paste of bleaching powder with Ethanol or Acetone.In this reaction/Process,the bleaching powder acts as oxidising agent,chlorinating agent and hydrolysing agent. Steps:- 1)By using Ethanol( C2H5OH ) a)Hydrolysis of bleaching powder. CaOCl2+H2O ——-> Ca(OH)2 … Read moreLaboratory Preparation Of Chloroform Chemistry