House Call, Compulsory English

The Magic of Words

Chapter-1 The Recurring Dream

Short answer questions

a. Why does Janet want to take Kim to her parent’s farm for a few days? [5]

Ans: She wants to take Kim to her countryside for a few days so that she can have relief from the recurring dreams. Kim is in trouble. Though she looks like a normal woman, she is not so. She is unusually tired by the recurring dream. Her mind is very tired. The dream comes now regularly. She sees that there is no way to get rescue from the dream. Janet thinks that the peaceful environment of the countryside will help Kim to be refreshed. Thus, she can get relief from the dream.

b. Why do some people have recurring dreams? Give your opinion. [5]

Ans: in my opinion, that is so because of some accident or some dreadful or frightening events that have been seen or experienced by the person. It is said that such recurring dreams occur because of re-birth of a person. There is no scientific basis experimented for the reason why a person has recurring dream. In the text, the reason is the spirit. Kim is physically in one place and her spirit is in other place. Her spirit is seen haunting the old man.

Long answer questions

a. Write about a dream that you have seen recently. [10]

Ans: Often a dream occurs while I am sleeping. In the dream, there is a pit with fathomless depth. I often fall into the pit. Death engulfs me terrible. I am very frightened. I scream in fear, and wake up. This recurs so often that I feel that it is true. When I walk along a way and see a pit, the whole body perspires. When I speak to my parents about this strange dream, they are also surprised. They relate this dream to a real event that had occurred in my childhood. I had fallen into a deep pit, and this fall had injured many parts of my body. One finger of my left hand is still weak, and I can’t carry things with this hand.

They say that I was playing with my friends then. It was evening. There was a pit dig for storage of water. It was behind the house. Friends chased me while playing the hide and seek. I ran for secure place, but unfortunately fell into the pit. The violent fall, and simultaneous scream attracted others’ attention. They carried me to the hospital immediately. I was saved.

b. Do dreams have any connection to our real life? Discuss your personal view. Also relate to the story “The Recurring Dream”. [10]

Ans: dream is truly a vision, or rather image, that is interpreted in different ways. Dreams have always held a universal fascination. Dream is important subject of study and discussion universally. All are curious to know mystery of dreams. They attach different meanings to dreams. They think and give reasons behind origin of dreams. However, there are two groups or faculties of people believers and unbelievers of dreams. Dreams are very controversial, too. Some ancient people believe that the soul leaves the body and visits the scene of the dream. Generally, however, dreams are accepted to be illusions having much in common with day dreams, the fantasies, of our waking life. While dreaming one tends to believe fully in the reality of the dream world; however, it may be odd and unreasonable.

A dreamer’s eyes often move rapidly from side to side. Since people born blind do not dream visually and do not manifest (show, declare) his eye activity, it is thought that the dreamer has moving scene described in his dream.

Of the many theories of dreams, Freud is probably the best known. According to Freud, we move in our dreams in the same way as we do in our childhood. Ideas and wishes are expressed unconsciously. Dreams are absurd and unaccountable because conscious mind disguises them.

Kim has recurring dream. She sees the same dream in which she sees a country road, a lane with a white fence and a hedge on each side. At the end of the lane, on the top of a little hill there is a cottage. Inside, in one of the rooms there is an old man sleeping in the bed. Though these are visions of the dream, she sees all these in real life, too. This appears true, but in fact beyond our belief. We can’t claim that a dream really becomes true.

c. Write about an interesting dream you saw recently. What is the special meaning of your dream? [10]

Ans: Last night I saw a dream. In the dream, I was walking along the Lainchaur road. It was very early morning. I was on my way to college. When I turned round to the kin’s way, I saw a very new bag, lying aside at the pavement. I picked it up. That was not noticed by anybody because it was still dark and foggy.

For some time, I had a lot of confusion. I could not decide what I had to do with the bag. I was afraid to open it thinking that there might be a bomb. I had some temptation as well. There might be a lot of money as the area was popularly known as tourist area. I thought to take it to a nearest police station but many police are not honest these days. They would rather keep the bag to themselves.

In confusion, I took the bag to my residence. Very cautiously I opened it. To my wonder, there were bundles of notes, all in thousands. I gazed, thought whether these were false, duplicate notes. I took out my own note of thousand from the box and matched them in different angles. They all looked real ones. I counted there was five lakh rupees. There were not other documents. The bundles had bank’s tags. I believed that these were real but I could not believe that I was now a rich man, with at least five lakh rupees.

Just then, I heard knock on the door. I opened the door. A friend was at the door. I realized then that all that was a dream. I was sorry I wished to be a rich man. Possibly the dream meant that I would be really a rich man very soon.

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