Critics of Robbins Definiton

economics robbins critics theory

Incomplete Definiton Robbins Definition of Economic Considered as a Scientific Definition which takes long period. How ever It may not Relief From Criticism. Robbins Definition has been Criticised on the Following Grounds. This Definition of economics has given on necessary… Continue Reading

HSEB || Model question of Computer Science Class 11 (Grade XI)

Class: 11 || Subject: Computer Science Unit: 4 Logic Function and Boolean Algebra Long answer questions What is Boolean logic? Describe the AND, OR, XOR logic gates with truth table and logic symbols. [4+6] Define Boolean Algebra. Explain AND, OR,… Continue Reading

HSEB || Important model questions for Travel and Tourism (TT) Class 11

Housekeeping, Hotel Management, Management

Class: 11 || Subject: Travel and Tourism (TT) Chapter-1 Introduction (Travel and Tourism) Very short answer questions What is cultural tourism? [2] What is eco-tourism? [2] What is the meaning of multiplier effect of tourism? [2] What is the meaning… Continue Reading

HSEB || Model Question for Link English || Class 11

Unseen passage, unseen passage questions, compulsory english

Dictionary Use Alphabetical Order Put the following words in alphabetical order partial, Parthian, partisan, partner, partake, particular Put the following words in alphabetical order; legitimate, legging, leghorn, leggy, legion, leger Put the following words in alphabetical order; die, doe, durable,… Continue Reading

Model Question for Business Studies Grade XI (11) 2073 (2016)

Planning, Organizing, Management

Model Question of Business Studies Class: 11 | Subject: Business Studies-I | Code: | Time: 3 hrs Full marks: 100 | Pass marks: 35 Attempt any Ten questions, Eight from Group “A” and Two from Group “B”. Group “A” Short… Continue Reading