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Poplar Field important Questions from Magic of words

Poplar Field important Questions from Magic of words

Questions and answers.

magic of words poplar field
poplar field magic of words

1. 2065 Qno.5 c. How does the poem The Poplar Field Defend the conservation of nature? Elaborate

answer : The “poplar Field” is written by william cowper is a poem which defenses the mother nature from being demolished and raises against any of those who dare to destroy it.

In the poem William Cowper suggests that the poplar field that he had seen twelve years ago is no longer presented in his current visit. When the poet revisits the poplar field he finds out that poplar field where he used to get shade, the cool Blowing of wind, and also a chance to see birds fly through it has now all become a part of the history, they no longer exists because they have been destroyed by the people in order to fulfill their selfish needs and entertainment. So the poet tell us the destruction of the poplar field led to the extinction  of many wild animals  which live in the poplar field; This can lead to the wiping out of the entire human race.  This world is big many more wild animal and many more people so; if such activities are carried out throughout this world , Then such day won’t be so far than no sign of human life ; in fact ,no sign of any life will be seen on the earth; so we are responsible for protecting the earth, be it Directly or Indirectly.

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Summarize the poem in one paragraph

The poplar field, Written by william cowper is a poem which tells and informs us about the condition that was before several years and the condition then, when the poet re-visits the outside river area. According to the poet, the poplar field has been entirely clearly and destroyed, which has led to the destruction of that areas beauty,shade and crowd of that place. The poet tells, that he, no longer has any place to take rest and shade for the poplars have all been cleared, neither can be seen the birds nor anything else. So the poet concludes that, in order to fulfill their needs and for the enjoyment, the people have Destroyed the poplars and that their enjoyment is also as short lined as the life of their own.

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