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Trichomas Vaginal

trichomas vaginal life cylce

Lifecycle:- Trichomas is a monogenetic parasite. Its lifecycle is completed in the single host that is human. The infection is transmitted by sexual intercourse. Basically common the female as the reservoir of a common infection. It passes to the male. Following another female. In the female, the trophozoite feed upon the mucous membrane of the … Read moreTrichomas Vaginal

Evolution of human (8 marks for NEB exam questions )

evolution of human life

Ancient human ancestor The fossils of Ranapithecus, sivapithecus, and Australopithecus are considered as the ancient human fossils. These fossils were supposed to be originated from a common ancestor of both apes and man i.e (hominoids) Dryopithecus- They existed about 25 million years ago. Its fossil discovered from Asia and Africa. It has semi erect posture … Read moreEvolution of human (8 marks for NEB exam questions )

Hydrosere(long questions 8 marks) botany

biology state important questions

 Process of Succession in hydrosere Succession means the natural development of a series of biotic communities one after the other in the same area, till a permanent climax community is reached. Hydrosere is an ecological succession that occurs in aquatic environment. If the body of water is large and very deep and other powerful factors … Read moreHydrosere(long questions 8 marks) botany

What is Lamarck theory of acquired characteristics


Lamarcksim(Theory of inherent of acquired character)   French naturalist J.B Lamarck proposed the theory of evolution in 1809 entitled Inheritance of acquired character through his “philosophic zoology book”. It is also known as Lamarckism. Lamarckism states that “An organism acquires new modification for adaptation in its environment in the course of times which are transferred … Read moreWhat is Lamarck theory of acquired characteristics

Neo-Darwinism (Modern synthetic theory of evolution)

new darwinism theroy

NEO-DARWINISM (MODERN SYNTHETIC THEORY OF EVOLUTION)  (8 marks for NEB) Neo Darwinism Due to the lack of information on cytology, genetics and molecular biology etc. during the period of Darwin, many biologists believed that Darwin was unable to describe the evolution perfectly.After the discovery of Mendel’s work and work of other biologist like Hugo de vries, … Read moreNeo-Darwinism (Modern synthetic theory of evolution)

important questions for class 11 biology state board

biology state important questions

Biology important Question Grade Xi state Board These questions are the most asked questions from the unit two. If you prepare all these questions then surely you will good exam Define suicidal bag. What is nucleoasm? How do you identify metaphase? Define prokaryotic cell How do you identify cell plate? What does it mean by … Read moreimportant questions for class 11 biology state board

Important Questions Biology (Botany) Grade XI

important biology cbse hseb questions

Important Questions for  HSEB Examination biology   Unit 1:Introduction to biology Answer in very short: What does it mean by taxonomy? Define applied biology? What do you mean by Physiology? what do you mean by micronutrients ? Why cellulose can not be digested be carnivores ? How protein is formed? What is cholesterol ? Define … Read moreImportant Questions Biology (Botany) Grade XI

biology important questions for class 11 cbse

important biology cbse hseb questions

Introduction to Biology Bio-chemically important organic and inorganic molecules (general concepts): Carbohydrate protein, lipid, nucleic acid, minerals and water. Model Question paper (theory) Biology Grade XI Section A  (Botany) 1.Answer any seven questions in very short. [1*7=7]  Differentiate prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells on the basis of nucleus Write the functions of chloroplast ? What are … Read morebiology important questions for class 11 cbse