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1.Question 2062| Qno. 5c| Interpret the poem “Keeping Things Whole”?

summary:  The poem “keeping things the whole” is written by canadian writer Mark Stand. In this poem, the poet brings the theme of identity crisis of modern human begins. He explores the boundary of the self and external world. The poem is written to get perfection from the Fragmentations. The poet wants to keep something absloute and complete from the possibility of division and fragmentation. The Poet looks for unification through the combination of Fragments.

The setting of the poem is a field. Field is a metaphor of society. The poet moves in the field despite the Fragmentation in his life. While he is in the field, he doesn’t get the presence. This always happens in his life. The first stanza Dramatizes the identity crisis of poet. The society Doesn’t Recognize him ,as a Result, he feels identity crisis. In the 2nd stanza, the poet moves in the field whose presence disorder the environment of the field. The place of air is occupied  by his body. When he moves from one place to another place The air ful fills the gap.

The poet is constantly stuck by the way of his society  frequently effaces the existence on the other hand the nature is complete in it self, which fulfills its gap itself. but we human beings are incomplete and to get perfection in our life . We move from one place to another place .

In the last stanzza, The poetist  looks for the reasons of moving . He moves in a field to get wholeness through the fragments. Like that all human begins move from one place to another place either to establish their distinct identity or to get perfection in their life.

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