magic of words unchoping a tree

Summary and important Question from Magic of words unchopping tree


magic of words unchoping a tree
magic of words unchoping a tree

The Essay “Unchopping a tree ” is written by American writer W.S Merwin. He has written this essay to make us aware that we should save the forest. if we never repair the tree, which has been chopped down, we shouldn’t cut down the trees. To share his message , The writer coins the term unchopping. In this essay the writer gives us some instructions for repairing a tree that has been chopped down. Both the author and readers knows that this is impossible. The essay tells us to preserve the environment. All the Directives of Merwin are Pseudo directives.

To repair a tree, at first , he suggests us to stick the leaves of the trees on their respective places. To join the leaves, we can use human made glues. Then, we can places. To join the leaves, we can use human made glues. Then, we put scaffolding around the broken tree. The writer suggests us to put trunk back in the previous place. It is a Difficult task because the end of the trunk is supporters, we can fix the tree. At last, the winter suggests the repaired tree cannot be as strong as the original tree.

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all the Directives which are shared by the author are false directives, which can never be translated into practical life, obviously, the winter gets success to touch the burning issue of 21st century i.e deforestation. Indirectly, the essay says that we shouldn’t cut down the trees if we never repair them.

Important Question for exams


1. Is unchopping a tree possible ? what does the essay suggest about conservation ?


2.What is Merwin implying by asking the reader to unchop  the trees?  Discuss briefly his plead against deforestation.

ans No unchopping a tree isn’t possible. Though Merwin suggests that it cannot be unchopped for which he was even given instructions in his essay “unchopping a tree” sorrows etc. Nobody can count the price of all these object interms of money. The price of human body is priceless.

3.Why does the essay ” unchopping a tree” suggest about conservation?

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