Important Biology Questions CBSE HSEB

Important Questions Biology stateboard

Unit 1: Introduction to Biology

Biology Refers to the Study of the living organism of our environment . Here you will get the important Questions from Biology For state board and CBSE and HSEB GRADE XII examnination

Answer in very short

  1. How is Histology different from Cytology?
  2. Write the meaning of Anatomy and Morphology?
  3. Mention one important scope of zoology?
  4. Give the meaning of Cytology and Histology?
  5. Which branch of biology deals with the building blocks of all life?
  6. Define Anatomy?
  7. Define palaentolgy?
  8. Define the term Morphology?
  9. How is biology interrelated with physics?
  10. Give any two scopes of Zoology?
  11. How would you define Growth?
  12. Which branch of biology deals with the physical and chemical functions of the tissues and organs?
  13. Define the Term physiology?
  14. What can you do after studying biology?
  15. Define histology?
  16. Give a Reason to show the relation of zoology with chemistry?
  17. Define molecular biology?
  18. Name the Branch of biology that deals with the study of fossils?
  19. How is biology inter related with other sciences?
  20. Define the terms Mycology and Anthropology
  21. Mention the contribution made by Aristotle.


Unit 2 : Evolution of life

  1. Who proposes theory of special creation?
  2. Who is the pioneer of Biogenesis?
  3. What are fossils?
  4. Who propounded the special creation theory?
  5. State Biogenetic Law?
  6. What are the processes?
  7. Define Coacervates?
  8. What do you understand by parallel evolution?
  9. What is Cognogeny?
  10. Name the first form of life?
  11. What was the direct anceestor of man?
  12. What do you understand by digenetic life cycle/
  13. What is life process?
  14. Write about Oparim concept about origin of life?
  15. What do You mean by pasteurization?
  16. What is divergent evolution?
  17. What is phototaxis?
  18. What do you understand by the term fossils?
  19. In what condition of earth , life originated ?
  20. When and Cro-Magnon man appeared?
  21. What do you understand by monogenetic life cycle?
  22. Define the term pseudocoelom?
  23. Name any two life processes
  24. Who gave the most widely accepted theory of¬† ” Origin of Life”
  25. Name any two life process?






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