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important questions for class 11 biology state board

important questions for class 11 biology state board

Biology important Question Grade Xi state Board

These questions are the most asked questions from the unit two. If you prepare all these questions then surely you will good exam

biology state important questions
biology state important questions
  1. Define suicidal bag.
  2. What is nucleoasm?
  3. How do you identify metaphase?
  1. Define prokaryotic cell
  2. How do you identify cell plate?
  3. What does it mean by cell inclusions?
  4. Define true nucleus?
  5. What is the function of golgi body ?
  6. Give the meaning of amitosis.
  7. What is rizome?
  8. Define protoplasm ?
  9. What is the function of lysosome.
  10. Define crossing over?
  11. Define Eukaryotic cell ?
  12. Define telophase?
  13. Give the fullform of SER and RER
  14. Mention the character of metaphase.
  15. Define Sucidial bag.
  16. What does it mean by cell organells?
  17. Mention about anaphase
  18. Define plasmodemata
  19. What does it mean by cell plate?
  20. Mention about spindle fibre?
  21. Define incipient nucleus ?
  22. What is nucleoplasm ?
  23. Elaborate Prophase?
  24. What do you mean by cytokinesis ?
  25. What is eukaryotic cell ?
  26. Write any two functions of Golgi bodies ?
  27. What do you mean by cell inclusions ?
  28. Why meiosis is called a reductional cell division ?
  29. What is somatic cell ?
  30. What is the function of Rhizome ?
  31. What is the message of Steward experiment ?
  32. Define cellular term totiopotency
  33. what is plasmodesmata ?
  34. Write the function of plasma membrane.
  35.  What is chismata ?
  36. What do you mean by NEo-Darwinism ?
  37. Describe the plastids?
  38. Write the function of mitochondria ?
  39. Write the functions of cell wall .
  40. write the chief components of DNA.
  41. Why mitochondria is called power house of a cell .
  42. Define cell theory ?
  43. Give Two difference between asexual and sexual reproduction .
  44. What is the process dealing with the formation of sex cell .
  45. Mention the functions of RNA molecules.
  46. Significance of metaphase stage in mitosis.
  47. Name the fullform of ATP and ADP

Answer in brief

  1. Differentitate between DNA and RNA
  2. Structure and function of vacuole.
  3. Significance of crossing over.
  4. Structure and functions of mitochondria.
  5. processing of crossing over
  6. structure and function of endoplasmic reticulum.
  7. significance of mitosis.
  8. Structure of DNA
  9. Structure and function of nucleus
  10. Structure and function of ER
  11. Structure and Function of Golgi apparatus
  12. Write short notes on Prophase-I in meiosis.


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