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summary of recurring dream magic of words

summary of recurring dream

The Recurring Dream is a supernatural story. The main character of  story of Kimberly Clark was a pretty women of 25 years old. Who lived in London, Despite of having good relationship with others she was unhappy because she has haunted by same dream every night.

In her dream she used to stand on the road and see a lane with fence and hedges and in the top of the hill there was a small cottage with green shutters. She used to go inside the house and when she started to talk with the little old man with white hair and beard in that house she used to wake up. Every day kim was bothered by the same Dream and her room mate Janet was also unhappy with this so, one day they thought of going out to Janets parents farm so, they started their journey. When the car turned to a  Country  road Kim was surprised to see the same place on the same place on the top of the hill through hedges and fences. There was a board of “FOR SALE” in that house which was only the difference between her Dream and Reality.

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she unlocked the door and the same man opened and immediately closed when she asked the setting of the village and grandfather like figure in her dream. If she had not thought about her village and her grandfather she wouldn’t have seen the dream as such. Kim might have fulfill her desire through her repeated Dream.

In  this way if a person has grave desire to get something which has not been fulfilled in reality it has been fulfilled through dream. The more we become imaginative, the more dreams we can see.

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