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NEB || Important question paper of Com Eng Class 11

NEB || Important question paper of Com Eng Class 11

Class: 11 || Subject: Compulsory English

Compulsory English, Passage, English

Comprehensive Passages

  1. Read the following passage and answer the question given below. [5×2=10]

One the following why so many children start smoking is that they see adults smoking. They think that it is a grown up things to do. They smoke in order to impress their friends, and also because they don’t really believe that cigarettes will do them any harm. Quite reasonably, they are not impressed when adults warn them about the danger of smoking.

Smoking can cause cancer, bronchitis and heart disease. The nicotine inhaled from cigarettes makes the heart beat faster, and makes the arteries contract. This can lead to blockages in the arteries, particularly in the legs. Cancer and bronchitis are caused by the tar and monoxide taken into the lungs. Although these harmful effects are well known, people continue to smoke. Some people carry on even after having heart attack or leg amputated.


  • Why do children smoke, according to the passage?
  • Why don’t the children care the warnings of the adults?
  • What are the different diseases caused by smoking?
  • How does the nicotine affect the total system of the body?
  • Write two words from the passage that cause cancer and bronchitis?

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2. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: [5×2=10]

Halloween is the last night of October and it used to be thought the most enchanted night of the year. It was the night when witches and evil spirits came back on earth to weave their magic spells. Superstitious people kept up many strange old customs in an effort to keep these influences away. Farmers used to light big fires in their field and the farm workers and their families would wald around the fields singing old songs and hymns. Aa intervals the strange procession would stop to hear the local priest offer prayers to the good spirits and last them to help the evil ones away.

Great care was taken that none of the farm animal were left in the fields. They would all be locked up safely in their stables and sheds and over each of the stable and shed doors a few rowan leaves would be hung. Witches and evil spirits would not go anywhere near the rowan tree.


  • When did the witches and evil spirit come back to the earth and why?
  • What did the superstitious people do to keep the evil influences away?
  • How did the farmers and farm workers change the evil spirits?
  • What did the priest ask people to do?
  • For what purpose did the farmers use the leaves of rowan trees?

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