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Class: 11 || Subject: Travel and Tourism (TT)

Travel and Tourism

Chapter-1 Introduction (Travel and Tourism)

Very short answer questions

  1. What is cultural tourism? [2]
  2. What is eco-tourism? [2]
  3. What is the meaning of multiplier effect of tourism? [2]
  4. What is the meaning of services in tourism? [2]
  5. What is infrastructure in tourism? [2]
  6. Who are excursionist? [2]
  7. What is the meaning of service in tourism? [2]
  8. What is domestic tourism? [2]
  9. What is village tourism? [2]
  10. What are the infrastructure of tourism? [2]
  11. What is the meaning of ‘Service’ in Tourism? [2]
  12. What is inn? [2]

Short answer questions

  1. Write down the differences between domestic tourism and international tourism. [5]
  2. Describe the basic natures of tourism. [5]
  3. Write down the meaning of tourism. [5]
  4. Differentiate between cultural tourism and adventure tourism. [5]
  5. Write down the differences between cultural tourism and adventure tourism. [5]
  6. Write down the special features of modern tourism. [5]
  7. What is tourism? [5]
  8. Differentiate between Domestic tourism and International tourism. [5]
  9. What is tourism? Categorize them into different group. [5]
  10. Write down the benefits of domestic tourism. [5]
  11. What is tourism? Write down its nature. [5]

Long answer questions

  1. Describe in detail about the determining factors of tourism. [10]
  2. Define tourism. Write down the nature of tourism. [10]
  3. What are the determining factors of tourism? [10]
  4. What is tourism? Write down any five types of tourism. [10]
  5. Define tourism and write down its types. [10]
  6. Describe the different factors which shaped the present tourism. [10]
  7. What is tourism? Write its nature. [10]

Write short notes on:

  1. International tourism
  2. Domestic tourism

Chapter-2 Meaning of Visitors, Tourists and Excursionists

Very Short Answer Questions

  1. What is the difference between a traveller and tourism? [2]
  2. Define excursionist. [2]
  3. Who are visitors? [2]
  4. Who are tourists? [2]

Short Answer Questions

  1. Who are tourists? [5]
  2. Who are tourists? Describe their types. [5]

Write Short Notes on:

  1. Tourists
  2. Domestic tourist

Chapter-3 Evolution of Tourism

Long Answer Questions

  1. Write short essay on the evolution of tourism in Nepal. [10]
  2. Describe the evolution of tourism in the context of Nepal. [10]

Note: All the questions are important for exam and students prepare and give answers their own way.

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