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Critics of Robbins Definiton

Critics of Robbins Definiton

Incomplete Definiton

Robbins Definition of Economic Considered as a Scientific Definition which takes long period. How ever It may not Relief From Criticism. Robbins Definition has been Criticised on the Following Grounds.

This Definition of economics has given on necessary emphasis on scarcity and choice problem but critics view that economic problem also arise from development and economic  growth, Unemployment problem impression etc. In this way Robbins Definition is incomplete.

This Theory Does not cover the burning issues of modern economic problem . It cannot explain the problem of unnemployment of trade cycle, income in equality etc.

This Theory does not cover the econommic development economic growth can be increases by increasing national income and producitivity of the labour this definition only discuss about the allocation of resources so it cannot cover the growth theory.

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Wrong assumption

Robbins said that economics is a pure science which studies cause and effect, input output model but critics around that economics is not only pure science but it contributes to the solution of practial problem like poverty,utility, unemployment, inequality etc. It cannot be measured on stastiscal tools.



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