Model Question for Business Studies Grade XI (11) 2073 (2016)

important questions for business studies class 11

Model Question of Business Studies

Class: 11 | Subject: Business Studies-I | Code: | Time: 3 hrs

Full marks: 100 | Pass marks: 35

Attempt any Ten questions, Eight from Group “A” and Two from Group “B”.

Group “A”

Short Answer Questions. [8×8=64]

  1. What is business environment? Explain the components of internal environment. (3+5)
  2. What is company meeting? Describe the annual general meeting of a public limited company. (3+5)
  3. Elaborate the concept of multinational company. Explain the importance of multinational company. (3+5)
  4. What are business support agencies? Explain the functions of Nepal Chamber of Commerce. (3+5)
  5. Examine the role of cooperatives in developing countries. (8)
  6. What is office layout? Describe the principles of good office layout. (3+5)
  7. State and explain the various types of traditional filling systems. (2+6)
  8. What is indexing? What are the qualities of good indexing? (3+5)
  9. What factors should you consider for selecting furniture for your office? Explain. (8)
  10. Draft an order letter in English to M/S Ananda Brothers, New Delhi for the supply of 20 dozen Popular Linen Office Shirts Size No. 40, 10 dozen Smart Drill Trousers (white) waist size 30 ” and 20 dozen Quick Linen Shirts Size No. 25. (8)
  11. What is business? Describe the responsibilities of business towards community. (8)
  12. Define co-operative organization. Explain the procedures of registration of co-operatives in Nepal. [8]

Group “B”

Long Answer Questions. [2×18=36]

  1. What is business? Discuss the social responsibilities of business towards different stakeholders. (5+13)
  2. What are the characteristics of partnership firm? Discuss the procedure of registration of partnership firm in Nepal. (8+10)
  3. What is record management? What are the types of records? Discuss the principles of records management. (4+4+10)
  4. Define joint stock company. Discuss the procedure of incorporation of joint stock company according to Company’s Act of Nepal. (18)
  5. Define joint stock company. Discuss the procedure of incorporation of a public limited company in Nepal. [18]
  6. What are the characteristics of co-operative organization. Discuss. [18]

Note: A number of questions that were asked in Grade 12 has been incorporated here, as per the changed syllabus.

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