biology state important questions

UNIT-4                       BIOTA AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT

Answer in very short

  1. What is innate behavior of an animal?
  2. What is learned behavior?
  3. What is thigmotaxis?
  4. In which animal limbs are developed into flipper?
  5. What is the common name of plantanista gangetica?
  6. Define earth protection.
  7. Define conversation.
  8. What is wildlife conservation?
  9. Name the hunting reservation of Nepal?
  10. What do you mean by leadership?
  11. Define pesticides.
  12. What is smog?
  13. What do you mean by arboreal adaption?
  14. Define buffer zone.
  15. Name two wildlife reserves of Nepal.
  16. Give the difference between reflex action and taxis.
  17. Define the term nature conservation.
  18. What do you understand by wild life?
  19. Define food web?
  20. What is climax community?
  21. What is land management?
  22. What is green house effect?
  23. Define adaption.
  24. What is full form of IUCN?
  25. What is taxis?
  26. Give an example of a migratory bird.
  27. What is endangered species
  28. Give two main reason causing air pollution.
  29. Give two examples of endangered species.
  30. Role of hormones in birds migration.
  31. Mention the body shape of the Volant animals.
  32. Give the names of any two migratory birds.
  33. Name any two important of wildlife.
  34. Write any two volant feature of bat.
  35. Air pollution and its effects on human health.
  36. Mention the example of chemotoxis in animals
  37. Write two causes of air pollutions and two measures and two measures to control population explosion.
  38. Give four preventive measures of water pollution.


Answer in brief

  1. Discuss the effect of pesticides.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of bird migration?
  3. Write short note on management of wild life.
  4. Enumerate the diagnostic feature of Aves.
  5. The adaptive feature of Volant adaption.
  6. Signification of wildlife conservation.
  7. An account of migratory behavior of birds .
  8. “The threats to wildlife id due to hunting and habitant loss”. Discuss
  9. The control measure of air pollution
  10. Flight adaption in birds.
  11. The effect of air pollution.
  12. The causes of extinction wildlife.
  13. The effect of water pollution.
  14. Migratory behaviour of fishes.
  15. Write short notes on Taxis.
  16. The causes of depletion of wild life in Nepal.
  17. The benefits of animal migration.
  18. Write short notes on biotic component of pond ecosystem.
  19. Define ozone layer depletion and explain its consequences.
  20. Discuss the control measure of water pollution.
  21. Mention the effects of water pollution.
  22. Write shorts notes on fish migration.
  23. What do you mean by endangered species?
  24. Discuss the cause of depletion of wildlife.
  25. Write the control measure of air pollution.
  26. Migratory behavior of birds.
  27. Write short note water pollution.
  28. Describe the responsibilities of man for the protection of earth.
  29. Define “endangered” animal and give any four examples from Nepal.
  30. Give regions of fish migration


Long Answer  Questions


  1. Discuss the analogous, homologous and vestigial organs in support of organic evolution.
  2. Discuss about the source, effect and control measures of air pollution.
  3. What are the major causes of air pollution? Discuss its impact on life and suggest appropriate control measures.
  4. Define conservation. What are the conservation strategies for the wild life resources?
  5. Discuss the sources and effect of air pollution in an environment.

biology important questions for class 11 cbse

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