Difference Between Compound and mixture

Difference between mixture and compound

Mixture compound
The Constituents of a mixture may be present
in  any ratio,
The constituents of a compound are always present
in a fixed ratio by mass or weight
 Mixture may be homogeneous or heterogeneous.  Compounds are always homogeneous in nature
 The constituents of a mixture can be easily separated by simple mechanical means  The constituents of a compound cannot be easily separated by simple mechanical means chemical method is Required.
 The properties of a mixture  are in between those of its constituents. The properties of a compound are entirely different from those of its constituents.
 Mixture are formed as a result of physical change  Compounds are formed as a result of a chemical change
 The melting and boiling points of a mixture are usually not sharp.  Chemical Compounds possess sharp melting and boiling points
 When a mixture is formed no heat, light or electrical energy is absorbed or evolved.  Formation of a compound is always accompanied by absorption of heat ,light or electrical energy.

Difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtue

Homogeneous mixture
Heterogeneous mixture
A mixture which contains the uniform composition through out the sample is called homogeneous mixture.The components of this mixture cannot be seen with naked eye or even under a powerful microscope. It consists of a single phase i.e Either gaseous, solid or liquid for example, air is a mixture of different gases. whereas petrol, kerosene oil, diesel oil etc. are homogeneous mixture of a number of liquid hydrocarbons. Homogeneous mixtures are also called solutions. A mixture which does not contain the uniform composition throughout the sample is called the Heterogeneous mixture. The components of this mixture can be seen even with a naked eye. It consists of two or more distinct phases. A mixture of sand and copper sulphate is an example of heterogeneous mixture.
Mixture can not be represented by a formula because it is a component of two or more elements or compound mixed in any proportion.


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