management important questin paper grade xii

Model Question Paper

Management | Commerce

Class: 12 | Subject: Com. Eng | Code: 004

Time: 3 hrs                                                        Full Marks: 100

Attempt All Questions.

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [3×5=15]


a. What are the causes of unexpected differences in climate?

b. In which part of the United States are summer and winter worlds apart?

c. What is the temperature of the coldest days of a typical January in the north?

d. What is the effect of continuous daylight in summer on the growing season in Alaska?

e. Which sectors are affected by the variations in temperature in the United States?

2. Answer any Five questions. [3×5=15]

a. Why does the poet show his anger against time? (The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner)

b. How were the boy’s uncle and aunt? (A Story)

c. Why did the old man kill the boy? (Purgatory)

d. What does the traveler feel when he touches the dead doe? (Traveling through the Dark)

e. Why was the father not quite willing to accept his wife’s proposal to leave the children in the forest? (Hansel and Gretel)

f. What differences does the writer show between a traditional society and a modern society in matters of childbearing? (A Child in Born)

3. Answer any One of the following. [10]

a. Describe the problems of over population and deforestation that Moti Nissani has dealt with. (Two Long Term Problems)

b. Write an essay on women’s position in Nepal. (A Child is Born)

4. Change the voice of following sentences. [4]

a. I have written a poem. [Passive]

b. Pop singers are always surrounded by teenagers. [Active]

c. A ball hit me as I was walking along the street. [Passive]

d. The building was completely damaged by fire. [Active]

5. Put the verbs in brackets in correct grammatical form. [4]

a. This is the first time I (watch) a movie in the cinema hall.

b. I bought the book which I not (find) for years.

c. I wish they (live) near.

d. As soon as the telephone (ring) he answered.

6. Complete the sentences by joining the following words using, When… [4]

a. turn off/ lights-change/ bulb-            b. eat/ meal -pay/ bill-

c. arrive/ border -show/ passport-       d. meet/ stranger -shake/ hands-

7. Rewrite the following sentences using the word ‘seem’.  [5]

a. His front garden always looks a bit neglected.

b. You only see his children during the school holidays.

c. He usually carries a walking stick when he goes out.

d. There are African masks on the wall of his sitting room.

e. He never stops to chat with you if you have got dog with you.

8. Report the following remarks using a suitable verb from the box.        [4]

agreed, refused, threatened, advised, tried to persuade

Example: ‘Very well, then we’ll give him his deposit back.’

            They agreed to give him his deposit back.

a. ‘If you don’t pay up, we’ll take legal action.’

b. ‘No, I have absolutely no intention of sending you the money.’

c. ‘Please, you must help me! I don’t know what to do.’

d. ‘I think you ought to get in touch with ‘Safeguard.’

9. Imagine you are in the situations below.   [3]

a. Write a wish for each of the following situations.

(i) You are sick     (ii) You need a job     (iii) It’s raining

b. Express regrets for the following situations:

(i) You forgot your friend’s birthday.

(ii) You could not keep your promise.

10. Write a description of your classroom in about 150 words.        [10]

11. Change the following sentences as shown in the example.           [5]

Example: Someone is singing in the bath. It’s getting on Hari’s nerves.

            Ans:    If there’s one thing that gets on my nerves, it’s people who sing in the bath.

a. Someone has taken seat. It’s making her angry.

b. Someone has taken Ram’s pen without permission. He is angry.

c. It’s after midnight, and the people next door are playing loud music. Ram objects of it.

d. Someone’s just spat in the street. Ram is offended.

e. Ram’s just seen someone with purple and green hair. He can’t stand this.

12. Write in about 120 words about the remarkable experiences that you have had during you school life. Include the following things.  [10]

(People/ friends you met, events or activities you took part in, achievements you made, impressions you left behind.)

13. Look at this letter to a local newspaper and answer the questions.        [10]


Why does the writer think:

a. Something should be done about traffic congestion?

b. The business houses will suffer?

c. The proposed scheme will not work?

d. His own solution is better?

e. The use of will proper in paragraphs 1 and 2?

14. Read the price chart given below, compare the prices and write four sentences using “as much as, as expensive as, the price of, and twice”. [4]


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