Model Question for Economics Grade XI (11) 2073 (2016)

management important question paper of economics grade xi

Model Question for Management

Class: 11 |Subject: Economics | Code: 126 | Time: 3 hrs

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figure in the margin indicate full marks.

Part A

Answer all questions.

1. Critically explain Robbins definition of economics. [10]

2. What is scarcity? [5]


What are the determinants of demand?

Answer all questions. [5×2=10]

3. What is macroeconomics?

4. Point out any four features of labour.

5. Define Production Possibility Curve (PPC).

6. State the law of supply.

7. Make a diagram to show the shift in demand curve.

Part B

Answer any four question. [4×5=20]

8. What are the characteristics of underdeveloped countries?

9. Explain the features of poverty.

10. Explain the nature and causes of population distribution of Nepal from the following data.

Censes Year Mountain % Hill % Terai % Total (No. of population)
2001 7.3 44.3 48.4 23,151,423
2011 6.7 43.0 50.3 24,494,504

11. What is planning?

12. Discuss about the various types of unemployment.

Part C

Answer any Five question. [5×5=25]

13. What is the importance of remittance in the Nepalese economy?

14. Why is mineral resource importance for Nepalese economy?

15. Discuss about the nature and sources of agricultural finance in Nepal.

16. Explain the prospects of tourism in Nepal.

17. Explain the role of transportation in the Nepalese Economy.

18. What are the difficulties of natural resource management in Nepal?

Part D

19. What is statistics? Explain its importance. [10]

Attempt any four of the following question. [4×5=20]

20. Find the standard deviation from the following data.

Income 45 50 65 69
Persons 2 5 4 4

21. Find the Geometric Mean from the following data.

Income 450 500 650 690
Persons 8 15 14 3

22. Find the value using log table.


23. Find the equation of a straight line that passes from the point (6, 7) making equal intercepts in both axes.

24. Find the value using matrix method.

2x + 3y = 13 ; 8x + 5y = 31

Note: A number of questions that were asked in Grade 12 has been incorporated here, as per the changed syllabus.

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