Define word processor and write its features. | Grade 11

Define word processor and write its features.

Word processor is an application software which allows to create, edit and format textual documents such as letters, reports, notes, books, etc. It also allows to store the information and print in appropriate format. It helps to design and present the documents. It provides different features like spelling and grammar check, auto-correct, find and replace, equations, mail merge, etc.

Example:- MS-Word, WordPad, Word Star, Word Perfect, etc.

Features of Word Processing Software:

  • It allows to create, edit and format the documents.
  • It allows to format text, paragraph, table, page, etc.
  • It supports graphical components such as pictures, colors, animation, charts, etc.
  • It allows to automate the tasks using Macros.
  • It allows to print and store the data in different format.
  • It can be suitable to design any kind of textual documents such as letters, cards, e-mail, etc.
  • It checks for grammar and spelling mistakes automatically.
  • It allows to create and design tables.
  • It allows to work and share in network with document collaboration.

This question is very important for either 10 marks or 5 marks in Grade XI Final Examination of Computer Science. This question is asked more in comparison to spreadsheet and presentation softwares.




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