Define Spreadsheet software and write its features. | Grade 11

Define Spreadsheet software and write its features.

Spreadsheet software is an application software which allows to store and manage the data in rows and columns format. It is used to manage tabular information such as mathematical calculation, financial and statistical analysis, scientific and engineering calculations, etc. It can be useful to prepare different documents like salary sheet, marks ledger, information record, budget, etc. It allows to use different formula and functions to automate the calculation. It also provides different types of charts to represent data graphically.

Example:- MS-Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Google Spreadsheet, etc.

Features of Spreadsheet Software:

  • It allows to create, format, edit and store the documents.
  • It allows to use different graphical components such as shapes, images, video clips, etc.
  • It allows to search, filter and sort the data.
  • It allows to use different formula and functions for automatic calculations.
  • It allows to design and print any part or whole document.
  • It provides different kinds of charts such as bar-chart, pie-chart, etc.
  • It allows to enter data in a cell, managed by rows and columns.
  • It allows to share document between different worksheets.
  • It includes different objects from external files or other programs.

There are many other features provided by different spreadsheet softwares. For example: Goal Seek, Scenario, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, etc.

This question is very important for either 10 marks or 5 marks in the Computer Science final examination of Grade 11. It doesn’t come in 10 marks usually, but it comes mostly for 5 marks.

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