TU || Flax Golden Tales || Four Levels of Interpretation Lesson 10

Level: B.A/ B.B.S || Lesson 10 Why Go To University (Moti Nissani, USA 1947)

Words Meaning

Burden = Load

Speculation = Guess

Bliss = Happiness

Unearth = Find out

Intuitively = Automatically

Potential = Possible

Barren = Not fertile

Common sense = Learnt by experience

Hypothetical = Imaginary

Fortify = Make strong

Affluence =Wealth

Ingredient = Mixture

Random = Scattered

Fortune = Luck

Coyote = Small wolf

Conflict = Fight

Rational = Sensible

Dish = Plate

Detrimental = Harmful

Shenanigan = Deception

Summon = Call

Sanity = Reason

Aspiration = Desire

Strive = Make effort

Regarbidity = Sickness

Hazard = Risk

Vulnerable = Unprotected

Fallibility = Possibility to make mistake

Atrophy = Beneficial

Sound = Health

Protion = Part

Grave = Serious

Fate = Fortune

Distincity = Clearly

Shaman = Witch doctor

Toddler = Baby

Nevertheless = However

Reluctance = Unwillingness

Nobleman = Gentle person

Constitues = Reward

Fragile = Weak

Resilient = Strong

Bequeath = Hand over

Totalitarian Autocracy

Virtually = Practically

Enlightenment = Knowledge

Ponder = Mediate

Consequence = Result

Drudgery = Tire some

Shadow = Shade

Shatter = To become pieces

Propoganda = Rumour

Presuppose = To assume

Assimilate = To be close

Unique = Extra ordinary


Four Levels of Interpretation

  1. Literal Comprehension:

In this essay shows many advantages of going to university to get higher education though golden part of our life is spent in reading and writing. In spite of these difficulties, there are many advantages of going to University, we get education and become capable to do job. Only those people who are well educated get good job. When they get job, they can become self-depend and improve in their life style.

Educated people have knowledge. They can solve the any problem with the help of knowledge. Due to knowledge, human beings are different from animals. Getting education also needs mental practice. There is mental exercise by reading and writing. Education also roots out old traditions from one’s mind. Educated people become alert about health hazards. Similarly, if we go to university, we can meet many friends who are from different places. We can make friendship with them. We can become familiar with the culture of different people. So, university gives knowledge of the world, human race politics, economics etc.

It develops our society and civilization. Democracy is also well developed when people are well-educated people. People become conscious of their rights and duties. When people are educated, they have knowledge. If someone has knowledge, he gets respect in the society. A person can be rich, attractive and brave but without education, he is taken as weak person. Education also makes people liberal and progressive. Their mind broadens and they become free from misconceptions

  1. Interpretation:

In this text, Moyi Nissani focuses on the getting higher education. He wants to make us conscious about getting education. According to him education develops us physically, mentally and emotionally. Similarly, we can develop our society as well as nation.

  1. Critical Thinking:

Here, the writer says that education develops us physically, mentally and emotionally. He also says that education also provides respect to the people. To a great extent it is good. I completely agree with him. But we also see that rich people are also ruling over educated people. To get respect education plays an important role but for this the leaders of the country should also be well-educated. Only then educated people get respect otherwise it is not possible.

  1. Assimilation:

After reading this text. I completely agree with Moti Nissani. In fact education develops us physically, mentally and emotionally. I remembered my past days. My parents were from poor family, they didn’t have expenditure to support family members. My parents sent me college working hard and I got higher education at college and university. Then I could improve my father’s economic condition. Nowadays everyone gives us respect in the society but in the past they behaved us differently. So I completely agree with Moti Nissani. Now I can do something for my family, society and nation.

Possible Question

  1. Write an essay and the benefits of higher education for you personally and how it would positively contribute to your society. (You may refer to ideas presented in “Why got to University?”)

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