Principle of Management BBS First Year | Question Paper 2074



B.B.S.4 Yrs. Programme / I Year / MGMT                            Full Marks: 100

Principles of Management [MGT 213]                                 Time: 3 hrs.


Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group “A”

Brief Answer Questions                                                                                                                        [10X2=20]

Attempt ALL questions.

  1. In what situation the goal displacement is occurred?
  2. List any two limitations of scientific management approach.
  3. Give the meaning of Tactical Plan.
  4. What is non-programmed decision?
  5. Point out any two differences between team and group.
  6. Define authoritarian style of leadership.
  7. How can conflict be resolved by avoidance?
  8. How can semantic barrier of communication be solved?
  9. Give the meaning of management information system.
  10. Point out the steps of a control system.

Group “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions                                                                                             [5X10=50]

Attempt FIVE questions.

  1. State and explain the emerging challenged of management.
  2. Define planning and explain the quantitative tools for planning.
  3. Most of the today’s literature is based on system theory. In this context examine the contribution and limitations of system theory.
  4. What is decentralization of authority? Explain the pros and cons of decentralization of authority.
  5. Define motivation and critically examine the Maslow’s hierarchy of need theory of motivation.
  6. State export promotion industries in Nepal. Explain the major problems facing by these industries in Nepal

Group “C”

Analytical Answer Questions                                                                                                             [2X15=30]

Attempt any TWO Questions.

  1. Define globalization. Explain the positive and negative impact of globalization in developing countries like Nepal.
  2. Business is an economic institution operating in socio-political environment. In the light of this statement define business environment and discuss each of the basic components of the general environment.
  3. Give the concept of leadership. Explain the qualities of good leadership.




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