Old Question Paper 2073 (2016) – Economics Grade XII

NEB important Notes Economics Exam paper

IF you are searching for Economics Exam Question paper 2074 then You are on the Right place grand this paper and prepare for the Examination .

NEB – Grade XI 2074 (2017) Economics Exam paper

Time  : 3 Hrs       Full marks : 100        Pass Marks : 35

Group “A”

1. Answer all the Questions :

  1. What is the price elasticity of demand ? Explain its Types ?
  2. Explain the Malthusian Theory of population with criticism?
  3. Explain the Law of variable proportion ?
  4. Explain the Ricardian Theory of Rent with criticism?


5. What is monopoly? How is price and output determined under it?

2. Attempt any four Questions 4*5=20

  1. Explain Shift in Demand Curve with Diagram ?
  2. Explain the Advantages of Joint Stock company?
  3. Explain the Concept of Consumer surplus?
  4. Explain the Short-run total Cost Curves?
  5. Explain the Wage fund theory of Wage ?

3. Attempt all the Questions 5*2=10

  1. What is law of supply ?
  2. Mention Four characteristics  of marketing economy ?
  3. Write any four features of land ?
  4. What is marginal revenue ?
  5. Define marginal utility ?

    Group B

6. What is commercial Bank ? Explain its functions .


7.Explain the comparative Cost theory of international trade with criticism?

4. Attempt any two Questions 2*5=10

  1. Explain the Functions of money ?
  2. Explain the Merits of Direct tax ?
  3. Explain the Source of public burrowing?

5. Attempt all  the Questions 

  1. What is Deflation ?
  2. Define Capital market ?
  3. What is Progressive wave ?
  4. Define index number ?
  5. What are objectives of WTO









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