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Importance of organizational behavior (OB) – Organizational Behavior

Importance of organizational behavior (OB) – Organizational Behavior

Importance of Organizational Behavior

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What is Organizational behavior ?

The organization Behavior consists of the two words an organization and behavior.

The Term organization is a group of people working together with the collective efforts. An organization always works on the two principle mutual understanding and legation to

importance of oranization behavior ob

wards the member of an organization. These are the most important factor to achieve the main aim of the organization.

The term Behavior mean the physical activity of the employment running in their mind but showing by the physical actions. A moral behavior make the organization to run smoothly. The human behavior helps the organization helps to function without facing any problem. The human behavior helps organization to make better terms and polices.


Importance of Organization Behavior in points( OB)

important points of ob organizational behavior
important points of ob organizational behavior
  1. 1. OB helps in the Development of skill of employees. :
  2. OB helps to understand the nature of employees.
  3. It helps to know whether the employees are reticent person or overly expressive person.
  4. OB helps to increase the productivity of an organization.
  5. Organizational behavior helps in effective utilization of human behavior.
  6. To make the effective utilization of human resources studying about it is very important. This helps the managers of a company to motivate and make them work with more better confidence and increase more productivity.
  7. From all the other factors the most important factor to study organizational behavior (OB) is For the better utilization of human resource. If the manager or head of the department have the knowledge of (OB) He/She can implement the human resource in the wanted position. Which  reduces the risk of loss and increases the chance of profit and sustainable development of a company.


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