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An Essay on Women Education

I love my mom. After i wake up my mom brings me a tea and help me to do my usual stuffs. My father works on the office and my mom needs to do and control all the house hold works. An women plays an very important role in the family and also in the society to improve the life style and to make the family in the right way for that women education is very necessary. When women becomes educated then she makes the whole family educated. She is the First teacher of children so also it is very important that women should be educate. When Women Becomes educate she make her children also to take better decision.

women education

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When womens becomes educate she can also guide to her family if they are going to take wrong decision. Main thing in our to be noticed is women education on family planning due to lack of family planning education the get risk of becoming pregnant at short interval and more birth to the baby due to which they got more members and it becomes hard to give proper care and also the proper education and proper clothes and food due to which it comes to affect on their life style.

Now Our government and many NGOS and INGOS are trying to educate womens at eastern and western part of Nepal at different topics like in many places of nepal its still now chaupadi pratha is not removed properly and many women are living on small cottage the the time of mensuration.

women education is very important for every one because the Devlopment of a country. A life style if a people also depend upon the womens because is the priminister of our all home.

Now we can see in many places girls have also make a name and fame of a country so where you can say that they have no roles in developing the country. Womens are now still now not getting the proper education because many guardians still thinks that the girl will one day go to their brooms house after marriage so they never make a care of their daughters study.

essay on women education

Factors affecting girls education.

  • Early marriage at the age of 12-15 mostly at remote areas
  • due to love affairs and early marriage due to lack of education
  • Due to supersitious belief on village areas

How to provide education to women.

  • organizing different awarness programms to the public.
  • By different educational programms
  • By making aware to the parents regarding the girls education in their life.

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