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A Story – Heritage of Words – Grade 12 – Some Important Questions

A Story – Heritage of Words – Grade 12 – Some Important Questions

Characters in the Story

  1. Uncle (Mr.Thomas)
  2. Aunt (Ms. Thomas)
  3. The Boy
  4. Uncle’s Friend (Young and Innocent)

Characteristics of Mr. Thomas

  1. Big, fat, loud and noisy
  2. Sociable
  3. Fond of going outing with friends
  4. Likes drinking (alcohol)
  5. Has red hair
  6. Eats a lot
  7. Drops food on his clothes
  8. He has a shop.
  9. Has a small wife who hates drinking

Characteristics of Ms. Thomas

  1. Small and quite like a mouse and a cat
  2. Good housewife
  3. Spends a lot of time cleaning
  4. Doesn’t like her husband going outing
  5. Wants her husband to love her
  6. She hits her husband on the head with a China dog when he lifts her on the chair.
  7. Goes to her mother’s house when Thomas (her husband) goes outing
  8. Ms. Thomas doesn’t seem to be sociable.
  9. Doesn’t seem to have a good relationship

Description of The Outing

  1. Sunday morning
  2. Destination is Porthcawl.
  3. In spite of wife’s threatening, he goes on outing.
  4. The nephew/boy was also taken to the outing.
  5. They went by bus (Charabanc)
  6. O’Jones was left behind and was helped.
  7. Outside a small pub/bar, all except the nephew rushed into the pub.
  8. Started drinking and nothing was left to drink.
  9. If the pub was closed, the back door was used to go in/out.
  10. Singing, drinking and enjoying
  11. Stopped to the bus and went into the cool water on the way
  12. Every members were wet and drunk.
  13. O’Jones cooked the supper.
  14. The remaining cases of beer carried down
  15. Getting late
  16. The nephew slept against uncle’s coat.
  17. They couldn’t reach to Porthcawl.
  18. They didn’t get/return home before midnight.



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