I Have A Dream – Martin Luther King, Jr. – Grade 12 Background Information and Keypoints

I Have A Dream – Martin Luther King, Jr. – Grade 12 Heritage of Words

Background Information and Keypoints

Background Information

  1. About 1600 White Americans bought/brought Negros as slaves from Africa.
  2. Slaves were treated as animals.
  3. In 1787, the constitution of U.S. stated, “All men are created equal.” but only on paper.
  4. In 1862, Abraham Lincoln made slaves free.
  5. This speech was made after 100 years of Lincoln’s declaration.
  6. There were many forms of slavery, social discrimination, segregation and police brutality.
  7. “One day, the dark cloud of discrimination will end.”, Martin believes.
  8. He appeals all Negros to demand the equal right from government but he warns not to violence.


  1. Purpose of the speech
  2. Situation of the Blacks
  3. Martin’s suggestions to the Blacks
  4. Racial discrimination in America
  5. Real Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. (This point is important. It comes in 3 marks short question sometimes.)
  6. Analogy of a Bad Cheque/Check (Promissory Note)




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