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Class: 11 || Subject: Computer Science

Unit-7 Programming Concepts and Logics

Long answer questions

  1. What are difference generation of programming language? Draw a flow for sequence control and looping concept with suitable example. [2+8]
  2. What is programming language? Explain different types of programming language with their merits and demerits. [2+8]
  3. What is programming language? Explain the different programming language with their major features. [2+8]
  4. Explain the types of errors in programming language. [5]
  5. Define flowchart. Describe the symbols used in flowchart. [1+4]
  6. What is programming? Differentiate between Compiler and Interpreter with examples. [2+8]
  7. Describe different types of programming design tools with examples. [10]
  8. What are the program design tools? Describe different types of program design tools with merits and demerits. [2+8]
  9. What is programming? Describe the types of programming languages with appropriate examples. [2+8]
  10. What are the programming languages? Explain each of them in detail. [5+7.5]
  11. Draw block diagram and explain the main components of computer system. [12.5]
  12. What is program documentation? Why documentation is important for the successful implementation of a system? [12.5]
  13. What are the different phases of the software development? Explain each of the phases in detail. [12.5]
  14. Explain roles of system analysis and programmes with a distinction between system documentation and program documentation. [12.5]
  15. Why should user be involved through the system development life cycle? Can you think of some specific examples of what might happen, if the users are not involved? [12.5]
  16. Who is system analyst? List and explain the characteristics of a good system analyst. [12.5]
  17. Explain with examples why a program development requires systematic methods. What are the initial steps of program design? [12.5]
  18. Explain the roles of systems Analyst programmer in the process of systems design and implementation. [12.5]

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Short answer questions

19. Describe the feature of high level programming language. [5]

20. What is language translator? Differentiate between compiler and interpreter. [1+4]

21. What is program testing and debugging? Explain why logical errors are difficult to detect and correct than syntax errors. [1+4]

22. Explain the types of errors in programming language. [5]

23. Describe algorithms and flow chart with examples. [2.5+2.5]

24. Differentiate between logical error and syntax error with examples. [5]

25. What is algorithm? Explain the advantages of an algorithm. [2+3]

26. What are the characteristics necessary for programming to be considered as a high level language? [5]

27. What is an algorithm? Write an algorithm to compute a sales person’s commission based on a sales volume shown below: [5]

Sales Account                                                                            Commission (%of sales)

a. Under Rs. 500/-                                                                                        2%

b. Rs. 500 or more but under Rs. 5000                                                    5%

c. Rs. 5000 and above                                                                                   10%

28. What are the two types of programming errors? How are they detected? [5]

29. Distinguish the terms “Operator” and “Operand” with examples. [5]

30. Draw of flowchart to test condition, if then else in program design process. [5]

31. Logical errors are difficult to find than the syntax errors. Justify. [5]

32. What do you understand by 4GL? Give examples. [5]

33. What is Binary tee? Explain algorithm of Binary search? [5]

34. Draw a diagram showing semantics of case statement and syntax in structure English. [5]

Write short notes on:

35. Flowchart

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