Women’s Business – Heritage of Words – Grade 12 Keypoints of the Essay

Women’s Business – Ilene Kantrov

Heritage of Words – Grade 12

Keypoints of the Essay

  1. An essay about some women from United States of America successful in business
  2. Business with advice made them successful.
  3. The essay is about entrepreneurship (उद्यमी) and social work.
  4. The essay tried to uplift women’s position in society.
  5. Lydia E. Pinkham was a model (pioneer) businesswoman.
  6. She had collected folk remedies and herbal medicines.
  7. Few businesswoman were able to combine marketing efforts with economic and social change, but some woman to profit.
  8. Lydia, Helena, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jennie, Gertrude and Annie.
  9. Lydia invented a medicine called Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.
  10. Lydia did social work, supported women’s rights and economic progress.
  11. She motivated women to consult doctors, advised on diet, exercise, health and her medicine.
  12. She printed the report to help women to correct physical problems, nervousness, infertility, hysteria, and marital conflict.
  13. Her activities were followed by other businesswoman.
  14. Helena and Elizabeth competed each other.
  15. Margaret made and sold healthy food.
  16. Grossinger (Jennie) ran a successful hotel.
  17. Muller invented a lot of child-care products.
  18. Annie Turnbo-Malone – a black woman sold a chemical to make hair look nice.
  19. Annie and Helena contributed to society.
  20. They gave priority to making money later, due to which they got controlled by government for misleading advertisements.
  21. Helena was forced by the FOA to withdraw some claims.




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