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Summary of  Two long Term Problems: Too Many people and Too Few Trees

heritage of words

This Essay has been written by Moti Nissani. The Writer makes us aware of the Environment and ecology. Further, he provides a good education about the natural conversation. According to Moti Nissani, two long term problems are overpopulation and deforestation. The human population is changeable because every day many people are born and there are a lot of medicines are playing a vital role to save the life long of the people.

And then the birth rate is over whereas the death rate is very low. As The Result, the number of deaths and births has been disturbed. After that, the green forest and rich people’s demand for wood furniture are the reasons for the disappearance of the forest. The Effects of the Destruction of the forests and overpopulation and overpopulation are as follows:-

  • The Greenhouse Effect
  • Soil erosion, the salutation of the Rivers and dams, droughts
  • Weather extremes, air pollution, soil pollution. Ozone layer depletion and acid rain and others

According to the Moti Nissani, the main remedies to solve the twin problems are as follows:

  • population education
  • Effective family planning
  • The use of wood products and recycling
  • Reforestation finances and the use of smokeless Chulo tree planting and providing financial incentives for preserving forests. We can save the forest by following the measures suggested by Moti Nissin.

However, most living noble prize winners are optimistic about the future of humanity. According to them, the present condition of the biosphere is dangerous. Man is the main cause of great damage to the environment. If man continues practices, the future of human society is dark. But if he checks his misdeeds, the living world will be able to sustain life in the manner that we know.

Fundamental changes are necessary for this. They hope that our urgent actions make our future bright.



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