TU BBS important question collection 2079

Brief Questions answer                             marks  2

  1. Point out the components of technological environment ?[2076]
  2. What do you mean by break even analysis ?[2076]
  3. What is business ethics ?[2075]
  4. What is SWOT analysis ?[2075]
  5. Define business ethics ?[2073]
  6. Mention the elements of task environment ?[2072]
  7. Define task environment ?[2072]
  8. What is social obstruction ?[2071]
  9. Mention any three methods of environmental scanning ?



Descriptive Answer questions                          marks 10

  1. What is business environment ? Discuss the components of economic environment ?[2075]
  2. What is social responsibility ? Explain the social responsibility towards employees ?[2075]
  3. State the concept of business environment .How does the environment affect business organizations ?[2073]
  4. What is economic environment ?Explain its components ?[2072 i]
  5. What is business environment ? Explain the different components of external environment ?[2072 ii ]
  6. What is social responsibility of business ? Explain the approaches of social responsibility ?[2071]
  7. Define environmental scanning .Explain the methods of environmental scanning ?



Analytical Answer Question                                      marks 15 

  1. What is social responsibility ?Explain the areas of social responsibility ?[2076]
  2. Business is an economic institution operating in socio-political environment . In the light of this statement define business environment and discuss each of the basic components of the general environment ?[2074]
  3. What is SWOT analysis ? Explain the various elements of SWOT analysis and discuss how this technique contributes in strategy formulation process ?[2071]