TU BBS Important question collection 2079

Brief Questions Answer                marks   2

  1. Define ‘Total Quality Management and ‘Kaizen’? [2076]
  2. Give the meaning of management information system ?[2074]
  3. Point out the steps of a control system ?[2074]
  4. Define Total  Quality Management (TQM)? [2073]
  5. What is pre-control system ?[2072]
  6. What is concurrent control ?[2072]
  7. Give the meaning of quality of work life ?
  8. What is post-control system ?


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TU BBS Principles Of Management Important questions 2079(chapter-4 Environmental context of management)

Descriptive Answer Questions                               marks  10

  1. Explain the potential barriers to successful controlling ?
  2. Explain the process of improving quality ?


Analytical Answer Questions                         marks   15

  1. Control is a management function that focuses on the process of monitoring activities to ensure that they are being accomplished as planned . As a manager of an organization what type  of control system would you recommend to achieve planned results ? [2076]
  2. Do you think that following principles and techniques of quality management developed by W.E Deming helps to enhance the quality ? Discuss [2073]