TU BBS principles of management important question

Brief Questions Answer                                               2 marks

  1. Which skills are essential for higher level manager ?[2075]
  2. What do you understand by “inter personal skills” ?[2072]
  3. Give the meaning of ‘unity of command’ ?[2071]
  4. Mention the areas of managerial career ?



Descriptive Answer Questions                             10 marks

  1. Give the concept of management and explain the functions of management ?[2076]
  2. State and explain the emerging the challenges of management ? [2074]
  3. Who is manager ? Explain required managers ‘skill and roles to be played by managers ?[2073]
  4. Explain the managerial jobs of the managers at the different hierarchical levels ?[2072]
  5. Define management and describe the different skills required by managers at different hierarchical levels ?[2072]
  6. Explain the emerging challenges of modern  management ? [2071]
  7. Explain the scope of management careers ?