Brief Question Answer

  1. Why original goals are displaced ?[2076]
  2. What is organizational goal ? [2075]
  3. Define goal displacement ?[2074]
  4. In what situation the goal displacement is occurred ? [2074]
  5. State four problems of goal formulation ?[2073]
  6. State any four features of  organization ?[2072]
  7. Define Organization ?[2072]
  8. Point out four situations for the goal displacement to take place ?[2071]


Descriptive Answer Questions                 10 marks

  1. How  goal succession takes place ? Explain the conditions responsible for goal succession ?[2075]
  2. Define organization ? Explain the features of effective organization goals ?[2073]
  3. Explain the problems faced by managers during goal formation ?[2072]
  4. Elaborate the purposes of organizational goals ?[2072]
  5. What is goal succession ? Explain the conditions under which goal succession occurs ?[2071]

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Analytical answer Question             15 marks

1 . The success of the organization largely depends on proper formulation and implementation of planning . In the light of this statement .discuss the tools for planning ?[2072]