TU BBS !! Principle Of Management Important Question Collection 2079 (chapter-10 Managing In The Global Arena) - MeroPaper
TU BBS important question collection 2079

Brief Question Answer                              marks   2

  1. State four positive effects of globalization ?[2073]
  2. Mention the fundamentals of international management ?
  3. what do you mean by digital dimensioning ?


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Descriptive Answer Question                         Marks   10 

  1. Give the meaning of multinational company and explain its advantages and disadvantages ?[2076]
  2. Define multinational company .Explain advantages and disadvantages of multinational company ?[2073]
  3. Define globalization .Explain the effects of globalization in the country like Nepal ?[2071]
  4. What do you mean by digital dimensioning ? How is it applied in international management ?Write


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Analytical Answer Questions                           marks  15

  1. Define globalization . Explain the positive and negative impact of globalization in developing countries like Nepal ?[2074]