Theoretical questions

Brief Answer Questions

  1. What is meant by movement along a supply curve ?[2076]
  2. Point out any three causes which shift in supply curve ?[2073]
  3. List out any five determinants of demand ?[2072]
  4. Point out the determinants of supply ?[2071]
  5. What is price ceiling(maximum price)?
  6. What is price floor(minimum price)?
  7. Define market efficiency ?
  8. What is consumer surplus ?
  9. What is producer’s surplus ?

Descriptive Answer Question 

  1. Describe the types of demand function ?[2076]
  2. Describe the determinants of supply ?[2075]
  3. Explain the concept of linear and non linear demand function ? Explain the various determinants of demand ?[2074]
  4.  Explain the major factors which influence the demand for commodity ?[2073]
  5. Explain the effect of government policy in the market equilibrium ?
  6. what is market efficiency ? how do you measure market  efficiency by the help of consumers surplus ? Explain

Numerical problems

1 . Let ,demand function Qdx=100-5Px, supply function=20+5P . Determine equilibrium price and quantity ? [2075]

2 . suppose demand function (Qd)=500-10P and supply supply function (Qs)=50+20P . Find the equilibrium price and quantity [2074]

3 . Let autonomous demand =200 , The slope of the demand curve = -5 .Derive linear demand function[2072]

4 . The following schedule shows the amount of sandwich bought by a household of Nepal at different prices


Does the behavior of the household contract the law of demand ? Give reason for your answer ?[2071]