The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship – Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Heritage of Words – Grade 12 Idea & Keypoints

The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship – Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Heritage of Words, Grade 12)

Idea of the Topic (What’s it based on?)

  1. Stream of consciousness technique (interior monologue of the story)
  2. Magical Realism


  1. The story describes the growth of a young boy into an adult man.
  2. There’s no plot in the story.
  3. The boy saw a large ship in the March night.
  4. Exactly one year later, the boy saw the same ship but his mother didn’t believe.
  5. The mother goes to the town to buy a chair.
  6. Mother dies sitting on the ill-fated (evil) chair.
  7. The boy started stealing for living, being an orphant.
  8. After few years, during March, the boy saw the same ship and tried to show to the villagers.
  9. The boy made a plan to show them the ship.
  10. The boy steals a boat during the March night to get near the ship and brings the ship close to the villagers, where it blows the whistle.
  11. All the people in the village believed him.
  12. The more the boy visualizes the ship, the more mature he becomes.
  13. He was hated by the people/villagers.
  14. People believed that the boy’s mother brought evil of the chair.
  15. He preferred to steal fish rather than living from the charity.
  16. Isolation and anger had made him stronger.
  17. Ideas are represented without syntax or logical sequence.
  18. Mixture of reality and dream.

Important Question:

  1. “Now they are going to see who I am”. Show the importance.




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