Heritage of words summary

Heritage of words – The lamentation of old pensioner summary

Heritage of words summary

The Lamentation of the old pensioner is the beautiful poem composed by W.B. Yeats. In this poem, the poet laments on his life. He compares his present old life with past young life. He compares his present old life with past young life. His youth was very good. He was loved by beautiful women, friends, boys, or everybody, but nowadays, the poet has lost all because of time. That’s why time changed his young life into old. His old age is very agonizing. He is remembering his young or beautiful days. The poet considered the time as his enemy. Now, the poet has also lost his power, too and he is very weak, So. he spits into the face of time and expresses his lamentation.

Physically, the old man is very weak, lean, and thin but having a strong soul. He seems to be so sad, He has white hair, bad eyesight, and so many weakness. but, the young man is very strong and powerful. He doesn’t think about time. He is weak in the soul. He seems to be happy. He thinks that he will always be young, which is also true in the poem “the lamentation of the old pensioner” too.

Important Questions For Board Exam VVI Questions for NEB

  1. Why does the poet show his anger against time?
  2. What is the speaker lamenting on?
  3. How was his youth?
  4. Explain The title of the poem “the lamentation of the old pensioner”?
  5. Write a short paragraph of old people to young people.
  6. To Whom Does the old pensioner considers his enemy and why? How does he express his anger to his enemy?
  7. What is the tone of the poem?
  8. What does the old man want to “spit” into the face of time?
  9. How and why does the old pensioner lament?
  10. Why is the poet angry in the lamentation of the old pensioner?





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