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Importance of tourism industry 2019 essay [pdf]

Importance of tourism industry 2019 essay [pdf] [ importance of tourism industry pdf ] Nepal is a very rich country at every aspect from natural resources to human culture , Natural beauty. Therefore we have a great chance to have a large visitors from the foreign countries as the tourist . There is a very much importance … Read moreImportance of tourism industry 2019 essay [pdf]

Consequences of Rapid Population Growth

Consequence of population growth

Rapid Population growth is a major obstacle of development in developing countries like Nepal. High population growth creates different economics and non-economic problems in the country. Rapid population growth also known as population explosions destroys the economic and social structure in the economy. Therefore, population is a perpetual challenge to developing countries like Nepal. High … Read moreConsequences of Rapid Population Growth

Characteristics of Welfare Definition

characteritsic of welfare definiyion

Economics notes Grade Xi Notes before than this Read Part 1 ( Origin and meaning of economics ) Characteristics of Welfare Definition: According to this Definition, Economics studies only those activities of a common man, who is concerned with the promotion if economic value that fulfills human desires and needs comes within the subject matters … Read moreCharacteristics of Welfare Definition