HSEB || Important model questions of Business Studies for Class 12 (XII)

Class: 12 || Subject: Business Studies-II Chapter-1 Nature of Management Short Answer Questions Distinguish between management and administration. [8] What is management? Explain the functions of management? [3+5=8] Explain management as science and art. [3+5=8] What is management? Make a… Continue Reading

Old model question of Business Studies II Class 12 (XII) 2073 (2016)

Indexing, Records Management, Office, Machines, Furniture

Model Question of Business Studies-II Class: 12 | Subject: Business Studies-II | F.M.: 100 | P.M.: 35 | Time: 3 hrs Attempt any Ten questions, Eight form Group ‘A’ and Two form Group ‘B’. Group A Short answer questions.¬†[8×8=64] What… Continue Reading