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The Lamentation Of Old Prisoner   The title suggests that the poet is a Pensioner. It means he must be very old and is living a retired life. He says whenever he is caught in rain he takes shelter under a broken tree. The broken tree can not protect him from the rain. Here, one must note the point that in England it rains during winter. It means he is deprived of a reliable shelter, when he needs it most. But it was not always the case with him. When he was young, he used to
sit nearest to the fire, which warmed and comforted him. You can’t light fire in rain outside. It means he had reliable place to live in when he was young. Not only that, the cosy parlour of the poet always used to be
full with the livelier company of his friends who talked about love and politics. But today, he misses them as ‘Time’ has taken away all his friends leaving him old and isolated.  He sees some mischievous boys making weapons for some conspiracy. These ‘rascals’ are sure to create chaos in the society through some barbarous activities. But the poet is not concerned about the possible anarchy in the society. He is sad as the time has transflgured him.  The poet laments that the time has made him ugly like a broken tree and therefore, no woman shows interest in him. However, the poet consoles himself that ‘the beauties that he loved’ are still fresh in his memory. He holds the ‘Time’ a culprit, who has taken away his shelter, friends, youth, energy, and charm and wants to spit on its face in disgust for his metamorphosis.



what are the two possible explanations of who the girl was who came fetch the door? (Q. N 4(a), 2066)
Answou One possibility is that the girl who has visited the house of Dr. Braun might be the girl who lives near to Elda The next possibility 15 that the girl mi. be the ghost of her dead daughter Heida who might have appea1ed to help} sick mother.
The doctor was called by a little girl for the treatment of her sick mother. While coming to the house of Elda, the little girl walked so fast that the doctors couldr talk with her. When Dr.Braun entered the room of Elda, the little girl was sti there who closed the door, However, when Elda told him that her only daughuhter died in September, the doctor had a look of surprise on his face. He lookc around but couldn’t see the girl. He was extremely surprised by the realizatim that the girl was spirit of Elda’s dead daughter.There is a major character namet Dr. Emil Braun. It was 9:30 in the evening Dr. Braun was sitting alone in tin dining room. He was so tired because of his difficult surgical operations of the day. He suddenly woke up hearing the doorbell. There was a girl saying to his wife that her mother was dying. Meanwhile a little girl arrived at the door to call the doctor to visit her apartment .Then the doctor became ready to go with her. It was lightly raining the little girl walked so fast and the doctor followed to 18 her. The doctor wanted to ask some questions about the sickness of her mother but he couldn’t catch her. She was ahead keeping a good distance between the doctor and herself. At last she went into an old house. it was absolutely dark inside. She started climbing the stairs and reached the third floor. The girl pointed to the doctor that her mother was there and thanked him. The doctor entered the room. He found a woman lying in the bed. She was the maintenance staff of hi5 hospital. When he checked her he found that she was suffered from pneuomnia He gave some medicine. The doctor talked with hei about her little girl. But she told him that she had been already“ died befo1e three months. The sick mother had kept her shoes and shawl for her memory. Then the doctor looked it more closely and found that they were damp and wet Elda told him that she was thinking about him. The doctor saw that the woman was asleep. He touched her feverish bead once again and returned back closing the door.
Understanding and Interpretation 

1. Explain the title of the poem. , 2. What does the poem add to our knowledge of the old man in his character, attitude, circumstances)? _

3. Describe the shifts in subject matter in the three stanzas. What Is the 

effect of these shifts?

4. Summarize the poem in one sentence.
Style and Rhetorics

 1. Explain the significance of the refrain in the poem. 2. What is the tone of the poem: complacency, resignation, rage? Why?

1. Write a paragraph on An Old Man Remembers. 2. Wnte an essay on Youth and Age.

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