flax golden tales all chapter

Flax Golden Tales all chapter unit wise solutions important questions and summary. From here you will get help to study anywhere when you are out of reach from your books and notes. All  these provided materials are taken from experienced teachers and well talented students if you need any other summary or important exam questions then plz leave

Unit-1: Invitation

Lesson-1 Invitation

Unit-2: Ancient Tales

Lesson-2 Yudhisthira’s Wisdom

Lesson-3 The Brave Little Parrot

Lesson-4 Ahab and Naboth

Lesson-5 If not Higher

Lesson-6 Phaedo

Lesson- 7 The Cricket

Lesson-8 The Sword of Damocles

Unit-3: Education

Lesson-9 The Library Card

Lesson-10 Why Go To University

Lesson-11 Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman

Lesson-12 The Good Example

Lesson-13 A 1996 Commencement Speech

Unit-4: Action and Consequences

Lesson-14 Shep’s Hobby

Lesson-15 A Sound of Thunder

Unit-5: Television

Lesson-16 The Wretched Stone

Lesson-17 Curbing the One Eyed-Monster

Lesson-18 Smarter Kids Brought to You By Letter T and V

Lesson-19 TV Can be a Good Parents

Unit-6: Cross Cultural Brigde

Lesson-20 Marriage is Private Affair

Lesson-21 Cabuliwallah

Lesson-22 Then and Now: Finding My Voice

Unit-7: Cultural Anthropology

Lesson-23 Arranging a Marriage in India

Lesson-24 Life Without Chiefs

Lesson-25 Life is Sweet at Kumansenu

Unit-8: The Human Condition

Lesson-26 Adaptive Failure: Easter’s End

Lesson-27 How Sane Are We?

Lesson-28 The Lunatic

Lesson-29 Gaia

Unit-9: Natural Science

Lesson-30 The Four-Tusked Elephant

Lesson-31 The Making of a Scientist

Lesson-32 Scientific Inquiry: Invention and Test

Lesson-33 To Know a Fly

Unit-10: Humor and Satire

Lesson-34 King John and The Abbot of Canterbury

Lesson-35 Third Thoughts

Lesson-36 Science and The “Spirits”

Unit-11: Critical and Creative Thinking

Lesson-37 The Stub-Book

Lesson-38 Mr. Know All

Lesson-39 Keeping Errors at Bay

Lesson-40 Nine Puzzles

Lesson-41 What is Intelligence Anyway?

Unit-12: Drama

Lesson-42 Swan Song

Unit-13: Love

Lesson-43 To His Coy Mistress

Lesson-44 Piano

Lesson-45 The Telegram on The Table

Lesson-46 A Painful Case

Unit-14: Life and Death

Lesson-47 The Great Answer

Lesson-48 A Tale

Lesson-49 Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening

Lesson-50 Ethics

Lesson-51 Where the Mind is Without Fear



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