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Summary of Hurried Trip To Avoid a Bad Star

Summary of the Essay

“Hurried Trip to Avoid a Bad Star”

This Essay is from the Book Heritage of words of Grade 12  Today we are going to look over the summary of the Chapter “Hurried trip To Avoid a Bad Star”

Now let’s Begin the Summary.

In this Essay, two American Geographers named Lilla, M, and Barry c. Bishop presents an exploration of Karnali zone which they did on foot. According to the essay, the lifestyle of the Karnali people is very hard. Have to depend on Nepalgunj as marketing. They collect medicinal herbs, hashish,hand-knit sweaters. Shilajit and blankets to sell in Nepalgunj. When they return from Nepalgunj, they bring necessary things by exchanging with their local things such as hashish, etc. The Karnali people live in harmony with nature. They also cultivate the land although it can’t support them. The main purpose of two American geographers is also to show the real lifestyle of Karnali people through this essay.

On the Way, The handsome Chhetri woman of 30 asked American Geographers if they could meet her husband. this was her main problem. Her husband was lost for 15 years. However, Many people were processing shilajit on the way instead of their home because they wanted to avoid the bad star.

The Skeletal looking sal Trees indicate the destruction of the environment and ecology. All People of Karnali were cutting Sal Tree. The writer asked not to cut they answered that it was their obligation to feed the cattle.

Important Question of Essay Hurried Trip to Avoid Bad Star

  1. How is Karnali linked economically with the low land regions to the south, Nepalgunj?
  2. What was the main problem of a handsome Chhetri woman about 30?
  3. Give a short account of the life of the people of Karnali?
  4. Why were some people of sinja in Karnali processing shilajit on the way instead of their home?
  5. What did the two writers learn about the life and culture of the people of the Karnali Region during their journey on foot?
  6. What do the Americans Geographers try to show in this essay?
  7. What do the Skeletal looking Sal Trees indicate about the explaining nature?



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