Roman Tragedies by Shakespeare – Literature | Major English

Roman Tragedies by Shakespeare – Literature | Major English | Grade XI

Roman Tragedies by Shakespeare

Shakespeare Roman tragedies are ‘Julius Caesar’ Anthony and Cleopatra. Romeo and Juliet etc. This are based on historical events. They are called Roman tragedies because they are based on Roman historical events. This plays are beautifully presented.

Romeo and Juliet is about worldly people for love. It is a traditional love story with tragic end of the lover. Romeo and Juliet are United by a priest though their families are enemies. Their hope for love becomes possible after their death. Juliet Caesar takes place in ancient Rome. It concerns the event before and after the assassination of the Roman ruler Julius Caesar. The central character Brutus is a Roman general and Caesar’s best friend. Brutus reluctantly joins of plot to murder Caesar, because Rome’s safety requires of death. Caesar is attacked in the Roman senate. He sees Brutus is the group. Caesar’s last words are ‘Et tu Brute’ (You to Brutus).

Anthony and Cleopatra of destruction. Love is cause of destruction. Anthony love Cleopatra but finally he loves and marriage Octavia is his friends sister. Anthony and Cleopatra by misunderstanding die in the end. Cleopatra devieves him into thinking that he is death. So Anthony stabs himself but

before he dies. He learns that Cleopatra is still alive. There is fatal weakness of his character in his tragedies. There is tragic way of events. Brutus loves his country but forgets love for his friend. In Anthony and Cleopatra, the factor behind the destruction is love and comfort.


Othello is a black moor. He has spent life as a soldier and has become a general in the army of venice Italy. He marries a beautiful girl named Desdemona. Soon after their marriage Othello is ordered to go to Cyprus. Desdemona also goes with him. But Othello’s assistant Iago hates him. Iago persuades him that Desdemona has made love with Cassio. Cassio is Othello’s lieutenant.

Iago become successful to feel Othello that Desdemona has been unfaithful. Finally, Othello kills Desdemona after he learns that he has been trick by Iago. He stabs himself and dies. Othello is Shakespeare straight forward tragedies. The action moves very simple and direct. It combing the emotion of love and hatred.

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