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Marketing – storage transportation roads places


-In the agriculture sector, the cultivation of crops are perishable and nonperishable, and transportation is necessary to transfer Crops to market. – In Nepal, there are many hills and mountains located. In this area, cultivation land is more but farmers depend only less area in the village area. farmers grow only for their livelihood in this area so there is less chance of marketing sectors so farmers cannot depend on the business sector for agriculture this is the main problem in Nepal.

The government doesn’t give priority to hilly and mountains, only the terai area. In hills and mountains areas, transportation is necessary for the collection of crops from each farmer’s land after collecting transfer it into the terai area market in a timely. If this sector is developed by the government then many hilly farmers depend on the agriculture sector for business. I will show the example of farmers’ problems who are depending on the agriculture sector – Mustang farmers grow Apple on their land but transportation is necessary for it to develop markets to get profit farmers. But Nepal’s government doesn’t focus on it only depends on a foreign country to develop markets, this is careless. Nepal’s government should give priority to the agriculture sector for the collection of farmers’ crops from place to place. Then aftermarket is developed well in terai area or large population area place where marketing is necessary.

The market is necessary

for those areas where many people are depending on the agriculture sector. So easily Famer gets to profit from the market. The main problem of the Nepal market is not proper collection and storage of crops and fruits ( perishable) for transportation. So farmers cannot get many profits from it. In markets, people who depend on it didn’t get actual profit from the agriculture sector because of perishable crops degradation in a short period of time. The government provides storage facilities in the collection crop section. Marketing people are directly in contact with farmers to purchase crops at reasonable prices in seasonal crops. which is benefits to both for profit. One thing, the market price is not high than the outside ( foreign) market, there should not be competition in it. Unseasonable crops times market depends on storage purpose for fruits.

This is necessary to improve Nepal. In NEPAL ROAD IS IMPORTANT TO TRANSFER CROPS FRUIT BY TRANSPORTATION FROM REMOTE AREA TO TERAI AREA. ONLY THE MARKET DEPENDS ON INDIA AND CHINA WHICH THE GOVERNMENT EASILY MANAGE. THOSE PROBLEMS TO FARMERS. SO COMPETITION IS HIGH. The Nepal government should provide a market structure list for price rates daily. If the accident happened in markets, then government pays a certain amount,like bima



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