bbs first year question

Set A

Time -3 hrs                                                                                                               Full mark : 100

                                                                                                                                 Pass mark: 35

Group A

Brief questions answer

  1. State three major features of an organizations ?
  2. Give the meaning of ‘Unity Of Command’ ?
  3. Point out two limitations of classical theories of management ?
  4. Define environmental scanning ?
  5. What is SWOT analysis ?
  6. State the four main process of quality improvement ?
  7. Give an examples of program decision ?
  8. State any three methods of globalization ?
  9. Mention three problems in goal formulation process ?
  10. Make a figurative presentation of communication process ?


      Group B

Descriptive Answer Questions( Attempt any five )

  1. What is an organization ? Explain the objective and characteristics of an organizations ?
  2. Define management ? Explain the scope of management careers ?
  3. What is learning organization ? Explain the factors affecting learning ?
  4. Define motivation and explain dual factor theory of motivation ?
  5. Describe essential characteristics of  an effective control system and state the problems associated with the control system ?
  6. What do you mean by decision making in management ? Discuss the process of rational decision making ?

Group C

Analytic Answer Questions ( Attempt any Two)

  1. Define leadership . What role does leadership play in the success of an organization ?What leadership style , you think is suitable in Nepalese context ?
  2. Discuss the organizing functions of the management and way of eliminating obstacles to the delegation process ?
  3. Define business environment . Explain the environment scanning technique and also discuss how political environmental factor influence the functioning of a business enterprise ?