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How To Prepare Entrance Exam Of Bsc.Ag and Its Scope?

The fact that Nepal is an agricultural country isn’t far from the knowledge of ours. The sector that involves 65% of Nepalese population within it and contributes to 31.7% of the national GDP has however a lot to be developed and improved. This is what we call ‘Scope of Agriculture  in Nepal’. Apart from this, for a student who is willing to study Bscagriculture , the following are the working areas from which you’re likely to choose-

ASI- Agri Sub-Inspector

AFO- Agri Field Officer

ADO- Agriculture Development Officer

HDO- Horticulture Development Officer

DPD- Deputy Project Director

Private sector (NGOs and INGOs)

Extension worker for field inspection

Professor or assistant professor in reputed universities of agriculture

Make own startup and earn a handsome amount of money

The greatness and indispensableness of agriculturecan be known from the statement by the former Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Neharu- ‘ Most things, except agriculture can wait.’ Because of its vast scope, a number of  youths today want to get involved in it. After +2, Bsc. agriculture has been an influencing option for the students. Like many other technical fields, Nepalese Government has made a provision to teach this subject with scholarship on merit basis under Tribhuban University and Agriculture and Forestry University. Apart from this, there are private colleges as well. For the preparation of entrance examination, one can find different institutes and a number of books in stationeries. The books suggested  by the seniors and the teachers can be referred. Since cracking the entrance exam is the first step to persuing your dreams, here is something that might help-


  1. Stars arrive on their own time table:

While most of the students do seem to thrive on last minute cramming, it has been found that continuous, consistent and organized study is the best. Set up daily time table according to your time table and comfort.

2.Starve your distractions, feed your focus:

Our results are the products of either personal focus or personal distractions. The choice is ours. Designated private study space with all the notes, books and equipments should be chosen. We should study being away from the things that tempt us. For eg- mobile phone, gossips, indoor games, movies etc. Studying in bed might not be a good idea for everyone.

  1. Raising questions is always cool:

Everyone whenever curiosity hits us, whether in classroom or elsewhere, asking questions is what we need to do. One should develop the habit of talking to the teachers and seniors without hesitation. We have paid for education, right?

  1. Syllabus is your territory:

When you are a full time student, you get a lot of syllabi. For Bscag entrance exam, one has to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Math and GK as well. For PCB, past questions of IOM and MOE can be referred. The questions would be almost from +2 science syllabus. To score full marks in GK, plant science and animal science portion along with updates on  current affairs must be maintained. Studying without the knowledge of syllabus is like aiming  a target in the darkness :lots of effort but comparatively inefficient.

  1. Study smart, not hard

Long bulky sessions of continuous study might cause unwanted stress, hence weakening the memory efficiency. Hence a 15 minutes break after every 1 hour of study is recommended. Our brain has a memory limit only upto a certain number of of new words. So, converting the new information into familiar words, which we call mnemonics is the master stroke for entrance preparation. Making own notes is better than borrowing others. Regularly appearing  model entrance examination  helps to check progress, boost confidence, and gives ideas on what to study. If there is enough time left, MCQs followed by theory is good but if the entrance is just few days/weeks away, MCQs must be prioritized.

  1. Healthy mind resides in a healthy body:

Brain and body should be kept well fueled by the nutritious foods such as milk, fruits, seeds, yogurt, fish, nuts and lots of green vegetables. Avoid oily and junk food. Water bottle should always be a part of study table.

  1. Empty mind: Devils workshop


Do not ever let the mind stay passive. Memorize while walking, travelling, waiting for a bus and so on. Recalling knowledge would be fun when we would start progressing.

  1. Rule your strength, and you will rule your life:

Captivated by frustration and uncertainty brought about by intense competition, one should not give up trying. A student should give all his/her acumen and energy to get the best out of a question paper.

The country’s future can definitely be reshaped by the involvement of enthusiastic, active, skilled and progressive individuals with lots of positive energy in the field of agriculture, which in turn will certainly make the country more prosperous and self reliant.


Written By,

Sonika Poudel

IAAS Lamjung.,Third Sem

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