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Old model question of Business Studies II Class 12 (XII) 2073 (2016)

Old model question of Business Studies II Class 12 (XII) 2073 (2016)

Model Question of Business Studies-II


Class: 12 | Subject: Business Studies-II | F.M.: 100 | P.M.: 35 | Time: 3 hrs

Attempt any Ten questions, Eight form Group ‘A’ and Two form Group ‘B’.

Group A

Short answer questions. [8×8=64]

  1. What is management? Describe the functions of management. [3+5=8]
  2. What is bureaucracy theory? What are the principles of bureaucracy as suggested by Max Webber? [3+5=8]
  3. Explain, in brief, the benefits and limitations of planning. [4+4=8]
  4. What is decision making? State and explain he steps involved in decision making process. [2+1+5=8]
  5. Explain the various components of direction. [8]
  6. Elaborate the concept of motivation. Suggest the technique of motivation. [3+5=8]
  7. What is leadership? Make a distinction between autocratic and democratic styles of leadership. [2+6=8]
  8. Why is control important? Explain the essentials of effective control system. [3+5=8]
  9. What is life insurance? Explain the procedures of effecting life insurance policy. [2+6=8]
  10. Show your acquaintance with knowledge management and participative management. [4+4=8]
  11. Give the concept of management and distinguish management with administration.
  12. Describe the importance of departmentation for an organization and explain briefly any two methods of departmentation.
  13. What is marine insurance? Discuss the various types of risks covered by marine insurance.
  14. Give the meaning of fire insurance. Discuss about the different types of fire insurance politics.
  15. Discuss the importance of insurance ot the individuals, business organizations and society at large.

Group B

Long Answer Questions. [2×18=36]

16. What is delegation of authority? What are the principles of delegation of authority? Discuss. [6+12=18]

17. What is communication? Why is it important? Discuss the process of communication. [4+5+9=18]

18. What is risk management? Discuss the importance of insurance as an important means of risk management. [5+13=18]

19. Define management and discuss its characteristics.

20. What do you mean by decentralization of authority? Discuss the factors affecting decentralization of authority.

21. What is control? Why is it necessary for organization to have an adequate control system?

22. State and explain the various functions that a managerial leader accomplishes in organizations.



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